Thursday, July 11, 2013

Accessories and Makeup

The topic of today is accessories and makeup. My opinion is that makeup is a form of accessorizing. You can't go overboard though and cover your whole face. Makeup shouldn't change your face, it should just bring out your natural beauty. I like to go with the lighter skin tone colored makeup. A good makeup routine is foundation, cream blush (color depends on skin tone), and pressed powder. Then, for the eyes, a little bit of eyeliner, a good mascara, and some eyeshadow. I myself prefer a dark gold or light bronze. A nice pink lip gloss adds a nice touch to this routine. And as for other accessories, you want to have some sort of color similarity or the outfit outfit colors will clash. Like if you have a floral floral blouse, you  might want to accessorize with a pink or red purse. An example of a bad color combo would be if say you had a red dress with purple purse. If the dress had some sort of purple, go ahead! But if not, don't use that purse.

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