Sunday, September 7, 2014

Be Yourself!

Sorry for the long break between posts! I've been realy busy! Lately I've been thinking about how some people will follow other people's fashion choices and trends, even if they are realy ugly and stupid trends. Not to offend anyone who loves this trend, but a great example of this following and copying is leggings. Every day I see so many people who are wearing the exact same outfit. The tank top, bandeu, leggings, and Doc Martin low boots. I have nothing against thos individual pieces, but I see everyone wearing that exact outfit, and I just think that's boring. I think that fashion  is all about being yourself, and being unique. I just feel that if you blend in like that, you will lose a sense of identity, and that no one will truly know the  real you. My main message in fashion is to be yourself, and be unique!

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